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Exercising While You are Pregnant

Working out during your pregnancy is an excellent idea, as long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor. What are some of the benefits? Many women find that regular exercise during pregnancy can help to relieve many of the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, help them feel more energetic during a time when their energy level is likely to be lower than normal, and can even help them have an easier time with labor and delivery. You will likely also have an easier time shedding your pregnancy pounds once you give birth.

Many exercises are safe during your first trimester. If you have been working out before your pregnancy and already have an established regimen, review it with your doctor to see if it would be appropriate to engage in during your first trimester. If you have not been working out on a regular basis, walking is always a great activity to engage in and is a safe option for most pregnant women, regardless of which stage of pregnancy they are in.

Once you have passed your first trimester, most experts caution pregnant women to avoid any exercises that necessitate lying flat on the back. Likewise, you will want to avoid anything that needs jumping, such as volleyball, or bouncing, such as jumping jacks. Let common sense be your guide – if it seems like it might pose a danger to you and your child, opt for another type of exercise. Skiing, for example, is out!

Pregnancy Exercise
Exercising While Pregnant

During your third trimester, you are likely to notice yourself slowing down quite a bit as your child becomes larger and larger. Walking is an excellent exercise to stick with, make a walking date with a friend, and catch up with them while you walk around the neighborhood, or use the time to unwind from your busy day. You are likely to lose your balance easier during this time, as your center of gravity is shifting, so be mindful of this when engaging in physical activity. Listen to your body, and respect what it is telling you. Your third trimester of pregnancy simply is not the time to push yourself!

It is vital to see your doctor before embarking on any exercise plan while you are pregnant. He or she can suggest any restrictions on your regimen based on your personal condition. He or she can also tell you which signs mean that you should immediately stop your exercise routine – any time you feel dizzy or have back or pelvis pain, for example, you should immediately stop exercising.

Many pregnant women are able to maintain an exercise routine during pregnancy. It can be an excellent way to maintain your energy levels, reduce your stress, and make many of the symptoms of your pregnancy easier to handle. It may also help to reduce the amount of time you are in labor, which is something that most pregnant women might find appealing! Once you have your doctor’s blessing, get started incorporating exercise into your routine.

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