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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

You have probably dreamed of this event since you were a little girl playing with her first baby doll, and now that long-cherished dream has finally come true. You are going to be a mother, and it’s time to consider the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and do everything you can to make the experience of being pregnant and giving birth the best it can possibly be for you and your real, live, baby doll.

For many years, pioneers and Native Americans worked right up until it was time to give birth. Later, it was considered the norm for pregnant women to “take to their beds” relatively early in their pregnancies, and remain practically on house arrest until their baby was several weeks old. Despite the flipping back and forth on the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and what was safe and unsafe for mother and child, it has become clear through research and experience, that the benefits of exercise during pregnancy prevent some common complications during pregnancy and delivery, as well as preventing problems later in life, and making sure your baby is healthy and strong from the moment she is born.

Mothers, who exercise before and during pregnancy, generally experience easier labor and delivery, and have a less traumatic delivery than mothers who did not engage in physical exercise while they were pregnant. When you add to that fact, the research that has proven there are dramatic decreases in instances of pregnancy related illnesses like gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and abdominal muscular separation, in mothers who engage in regular exercise, the benefits of exercise during pregnancy seem well worth the efforts you make to research and carry out an exercise program that works well for you. The decrease in birth related trauma to the baby, jaundice, low birth-weight babies, and premature birth, among other benefits to your child, cements the wish to exercise for the both of you.

Once you have researched the possibilities, you might decide to go to the local YMCA or civic center to take water aerobics or swim with other expectant mothers, or you might decide that proven exercise videos, DVD’s, or organized exercise groups especially for expectant mothers is right for you. You might even prefer to spend a nice, quiet hour each evening walking with your partner, friend, or even walking your dog. As long as the exercise is approved by your physician, comfortable for you, and fits into your lifestyle, it really does not matter how you exercise, it just matters that you do it for yourself and your baby to get the benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

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