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You Don’t Look Pregnant: Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy

Is it possible to know you are pregnant before missing your cycle? For women who have been trying to conceive, and are familiar with taking their basal body temperature, they may notice fluctuations in their basal temperature at the time of ovulation. When the temperature remains high after ovulation and remains high when your period should arrive again could be one of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy. Learning how to chart your Basal body temperature is quite simple and can accomplished with many over the counter products.

Are your breasts tender and enlarged? Some women notice a change in the fullness of their breasts right away, even before missing a period or any other symptom, which would lead them to believe they are showing the earliest signs of pregnancy. Frequent trips to the bathroom also are another big giveaway. What many women don’t know is that the frequency issue is related to an increase in hormones and not a direct result of pushing on the bladder, which doesn’t happen until the baby is much larger. In the first week to month of pregnancy the embryo is less than an inch long. It is the levels of (Hcg) or human chorionic gonadotropin, which causes the need for excessive visits to the bathroom.
Ironically, the first thing your doctor does at a prenatal visit is send you to the lab where you take will be tested for this exact hormone when they administer your lab work.

Some women may experience cramping at the moment of conception and for the first several weeks of pregnancy. Ligaments need to make room for the impending embryo to grow to full size. While some women do not feel these pains at all, others have been known to experience a few weeks of periodic cramping and tightening in their uterus. Many women report this as their first indication or earliest possible sign of pregnancy.

Naturally, if one actually misses a full period she might suspect pregnancy. There are several reasons a woman could have irregularities in her cycle. Simple stress or changes in the level of exercise can trigger missed periods. However, missing a period would be a good time to buy a reliable home pregnancy test kit. If the period was significantly short or consisted of spotting the advice is the same. Take a test. Once you verify your results or if you aren’t sure about whether your missed cycle or spotting, constitutes the definitive answer you need to know if you have detected one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, simply seek medical attention with a qualified doctor.

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed you may wish to celebrate. Remember a few basics: smoking should be ceased upon your glorious news as it could lower the birth weight, as should your caffeine consumption. Eat right and follow the instructions of a qualified doctor.

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