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Knowing The Early Signs of Pregnancy

Many women of childbearing age have had moments in time when they began to wonder if a little bundle of joy was on the way. In some cases, the thought occurs before a missed period and becomes a nagging thought in the back of her mind. Other times, it may be a fervent wish to be pregnant or an equally strong hope that she is not pregnant. Even before a late menstruation cycle, early signs of pregnancy can be detected if you know what to look for.

Missing a period is one of the classic early signs of pregnancy. However, interestingly enough, in some cases, a new mom to be may have a light period shortly after conception. It isn’t an indication that anything is wrong necessarily, it just throws the progression of normal symptoms off and mom may not realize she is pregnant from this event alone. If the possibility of exists, an unusual period may be reason enough to explore some other pregnancy signs and take a home test just to be sure.

There are many early signs of pregnancy that are important to know about. They are important because they will give a woman the chance to prepare herself for the potential arrival of a newborn baby, a huge life altering responsibility. It is also important so that a woman makes sure to take care of herself properly as soon as possible. With all the potential complications of mismanaged pregnancies, being aware early to make sure healthy risk preventative measures is imperative.

Early signs of pregnancy run the gamut. A woman can experience everything from nausea to swollen and tender breasts. The early signs of pregnancy can look very similar to the signs of premenstrual symptoms. Many women experience cramping, feeling bloated, back aches, headaches and even mood swings that can leave them feeling happy one moment and sad the next. Experiences felt from the increase of hormonal levels most probably.

Some other early signs of pregnancy can include an increased sensitivity and aversion to certain odors. This can cause a woman to either crave new foods that she has never craved before and it can also cause her to abhor others feeling nauseous just by the very mention or smell of the food item.

One of the lesser known early signs of pregnancy is a sudden sensitivity to scents. Maybe while getting ready for work one morning, you apply your favorite perfume and immediately are hit by a wave of nausea. Maybe you normally hate the smell of gasoline, but when you fill your car’s tank, for some reason the scent isn’t as unpleasant as before. Experts attribute this sign of pregnancy as a result of high levels of estrogen in a newly pregnant woman’s body. This symptom can show up even before a missed period.

Just like scent sensitivity, food cravings and aversions can be early signs of pregnancy. Strange food combinations eaten at weird times aren’t uncommon in the beginning stages of pregnancy. Some women report suddenly developing extreme aversions for foods or specific types of food that they used to love. While this pregnancy sign can be humorous due to its unpredictable nature, it can be an early indicator of future joy.

Missing one’s period is one of the most obvious early signs of pregnancy. This of course can happen for other reasons, i.e. stress, but it is something that most often is a sign of pregnancy. To confirm whether one is truly pregnant or not, taking a home pregnancy test one week after the missed period is a great way to double check. If the test comes out positive, then the next step would be to consult a physician.

Some women also experience an increase in urination due most typically due to an increase in food and liquid intake. In addition, if a woman’s basal body temperature remains high for over 18 days, this too can be on of the early signs of pregnancy.

Early signs of pregnancy can also show in the enlargement of the breast size as well as the areolas or the nipples of the breast. The areolas often take on a darker color during this time as well.

Though some women may never experience any of the early signs of pregnancy, the majority of others experience at least one or more of the many different symptoms. Therefore, it is good to be aware of what they are, to know that they are normal natural symptoms, and that they might just be indications that you are pregnant! They are great to know because they can give you a heads start into preparing yourself for one of the most incredible new journeys in your life!

Many times when a woman claims that she just feels pregnant, people discount the validity of the statement. Often though, she is ultimately proven to be correct. A variety of small, seemingly insignificant feelings can add up to early signs of pregnancy. No one knows how a body feels better than the person who resides in it. A little nausea, a bloated feeling, and tender breasts may not sound like much at first, but the woman who is experiencing it may be on the right track to confirming a pregnancy.

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