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Early Signs of Miscarriage To Be Aware Of

Early signs of miscarriage include vaginal bleeding and cramping. They can also be the sudden absence of previous pregnancy symptoms. While not all early signs of miscarriage will result in your having a miscarriage, being watchful is important. If you have vaginal bleeding in your pregnancy, it should always be reported to your doctor regardless of how early or how far you are along in your pregnancy. Not all vaginal bleeding results in a miscarriage but it always need to be investigated.

Whether your early signs of miscarriage result in a miscarriage or not may be out of your control. When you speak to a doctor, they will likely arrange for an ultrasound scan. An internal pelvic exam may also take place. If the cervix is open or dilated, the miscarriage is inevitable, however, if it is closed, then you are likely to be told that your early signs of miscarriage are a threatened abortion. When vaginal bleeding occurs, whether it is dark brown or bright red it should always be reported. However, darker bleeding is often reported as old blood or implantation bleeding.

Many pregnancies that start out with early signs of miscarriage result in healthy, full term babies so even if you have symptoms, it’s important to be optimistic and follow any and all instructions given by your doctor. Many women have early bleeding and cramping or other symptoms of miscarriage but turn out to be just fine.

If you do have a miscarriage, you need to rest and rest assured that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be unable to conceive in future. Many women have miscarriages. In fact, up to 15 per cent or more of all pregnancies result in miscarriage. That’s a very high number. Due to the prevalence of early home pregnancy tests, many women are finding out about their pregnancies sooner whereas in the past, a miscarriage might have occurred prior to the woman even discovering that she’s pregnant.

A miscarriage is a tragic event in anyone’s life. If you are feeling fearful of miscarriage due to a previous loss, it’s important to realize that many women who have one miscarriage may never have another. If you have three or more consecutive miscarriages, it’s very important to discuss this with your doctor to look for potential causes.

While miscarriage is a painful event that needs to be grieved, it is common and not indictive of a woman’s fertiloity or abilty to become a mother. If you have suffered this tremendous loss, don’t hestitate to ask for support and seek assistance from a support group or medical professional.

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