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Controlling Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and anxious times in a woman’s life. She contends with alternating feelings of joy and feelings of fear. The changes taking place in a mom to be’s body are often confusing and sometimes uncomfortable. Early pregnancy symptoms can be lessened using some tried and true methods used by mothers for generations, not to mention some of the more modern methods for feeling normal during a very unusual period in life. The important thing to remember is that like everything else, this too shall pass and the result is a beautiful new member of your family.

Morning sickness that often includes nausea and vomiting is one of the classic early pregnancy symptoms. This symptom’s name is a little misleading as morning sickness can and does occur at any time of the day. Some methods to try to alleviate the discomfort are eating saltine crackers and drinking lemon lime soda and drinking peppermint or ginger tea may help. Another idea is to eat a small snack high in protein before bed. Fortunately morning sickness usually fades after the first trimester.

Another one of the early pregnancy symptoms that affects many pregnant women is fatigue and a lack of energy. The reason this occurs is because of all the hard work the new mother’s body is doing to support the growing life inside her. Normal hormonal changes attribute to this symptom as well. The only real fix for fatigue is to get plenty of rest. It sounds easier than it is and mom will need the help and support of her partner and other family members to get the rest she and the baby needs. Even a 20-minute nap or down time can do wonders for getting more rest and energy.

Luckily this symptom of dizziness is less common than some of the others, but still affects a large number of women. Of all the early pregnancy symptoms, new moms need to watch carefully for this one. A dizzy spell could result in a fall or even fainting. The biggest reason dizziness occurs is due to a shortage of sugar in the blood. This is baby’s primary food source and a pregnant woman uses it more quickly than in a non-pregnant state. Eating regular, healthy meals and not skipping meals and snacks is the best way to protect against feeling dizzy or faint.

Focusing on what a pregnant woman’s body needs to stay healthy is key in controlling many early pregnancy symptoms. With the symptoms controlled, the new mom to be can focus on what’s important, having a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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