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Your Baby Is What You Eat

Getting the right nutrition during pregnancy is good for both you and your baby. This has been known for a very long time, but the vitamins and nutrients that are most important have not been. In fact, scientists are still learning about what it takes to make a baby. With that said, it is important … Read more

Pregnancy Nutrients

Ten Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you want to make sure you stay as healthy as possible. This is not just for yourself, but primarily for the baby you’re bringing into the world. You must take the responsibility of providing your baby with the right nutrients and balance. Consider the following ten tips for a healthy pregnancy. One … Read more

Eating During Pregnancy

Are You Really Eating For Two During Pregnancy?

In the old days, it was commonly believed that pregnant women were eating for two. Today we know that this is not really true. The fact is that the food choices a pregnant woman makes are more important than the amount of increase in food consumption. A pregnant woman should eat as much as a … Read more

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Caffeine and Pregnancy: How Much is Too Much

One of the first things most of us women prepare to say goodbye to once we see those two pink lines on our pregnancy tests is caffeine. Many women will stop their caffeine habit cold turkey out of the sheer fear of doing some sort of damage to the new life growing inside of them. … Read more

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Pregnancy Diet Plan: A Weighty Topic

Pregnancy is a time in a women’s life when she is at her most feminine. Only women can give birth, bringing new life into the world. But it is also a time when a woman can be overcome with emotions because of feeling heavy and anxious. The anxiousness arises from worrying about whether she is … Read more

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Dishing Up A Pregnancy Diet Menu

Everyone is full of advice. No matter where you go, someone is more than willing to tell you what to do and how to eat while pregnant. It seems as if complete strangers are experts. But you are taking no chances. You are going to stick with the pregnancy diet menu your doctor recommended. So … Read more

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Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Do pickles and ice cream sound good to you? How about red peppers and peanut butter? If these do, you are probably a pregnant woman who has just gone looking for that ice cream carton you know you have buried in your freezer. More than three quarters of all pregnant women experience cravings at some … Read more

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Healthy Weight Gain for Pregnancy

Most doctors will tell you that you should gain anywhere between 25-30 pounds through out your pregnancy. You should aim to gain about 3.5 pounds during your first trimester, although more often than not most women find that they lose weight their first trimester. The culprit to this is morning sickness. Some women suffer from … Read more

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Eating for Breastfeeding: Third Trimester

In your third trimester, your baby was old enough to start getting a taste of the foods his or her mommy likes. Now that your baby is here and you’re breast feeding, your baby will get an even better taste of your favorite food. Typically if you are nursing your baby you should produce anywhere … Read more

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Eating Well While Dealing With Morning Sickness

There are a few women out there in this world who sail through their pregnancy without so much of glimpse of queasiness. The rest of us have no such luck. Chances are you are the type of women who the mere smell of what use to be your favorite food sends you running to the … Read more