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Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet: Blooming Nutrition

An unborn baby is like a flower yet to reveal its glory. Like any flower, it needs nourishment to provide the necessary nutrients. Enriching vitamins and minerals are the nicest gift you can give your developing baby. The debbie chieco pregnancy diet helps to insure proper growth in the womb. It also insures that you maintain good health throughout your pregnancy.


When a flower slowly opens, it is with anticipation that we watch for its beauty, color and perfection. There is nothing more wondrous than a developing baby. When you are pregnant, you anxiously wonder what you can do to insure your baby is born without birth defects, fully developed and healthy. The debbie chieco pregnancy diet can help relieve the anxiety. Meal choices are made much easier by following the debbie chieco pregnancy diet plan. The goal is make every calorie count towards good health.

  • Eat fortified grains containing fiber, B vitamins and iron (6-9 servings)
  • Don’t eat cereal loaded with sugar
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that provide essential nutrients and aid with digestion (7 total servings)
  • Eat protein rich foods but avoid fatty foods (3 servings)
  • Drink plenty of milk or calcium fortified juice (3 or more servings)
  • Limit fat intake
  • Avoid sweets

If you follow the debbie chieco pregnancy diet, your baby will be revealed as a healthy infant with strong bones, properly developed brain and good overall health.


To create the perfect flower garden, using the correct amount of fertilizer is critical. But it is not just the amount of fertilizer that counts, it is a matter of using the right fertilizer. Applying the wrong chemicals to plants can cause serious growth problems. Your baby needs certain ingredients to grow strong, but there are many foods you should avoid. The debbie chieco pregnancy diet helps you avoid those foods that contain a risk to you and your baby’s health. It is important to remember that changes in your immune system during pregnancy can affect your ability to fight off bacterial problems.

  • Don’t eat raw seafood because it can contain harmful bacteria that cause serious health problems.
  • Don’t eat undercooked meat.
  • Avoid ground meat because bacteria can be distributed over all the meat during the grinding process. If you do eat a hamburger, make sure it is thoroughly cooked.
  • Never drink anything that is not pasteurized.
  • Limit caffeine because it can affect your baby’s heart rate
  • Use caution with herbal supplements and teas. Always check with your doctor first.

The debbie chieco pregnancy diet establishes a healthy and reasonable diet plan for your use throughout the pregnancy. As in all gardens, attention to the details makes for healthy blooms. Watch what you eat and the results will be a baby with blooming health.

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