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Help Dealing With The Discomforts And Worries Of Pregnancy

Questions and concerns are going to fly through an expecting mother’s brain day in and day out. You may find yourself wondering how to make yourself feel better and trying to find ways to deal with some of the issues that arise during pregnancy. You will to learn some of the best advice in dealing with the many discomforts and worries that come with pregnancy in the article below.

Morning sickness affects most pregnant women sometime during the first and second trimesters, so, you should expect it to happen to you. The best way to ease the nausea is to start your day with some saltine crackers. Avoid eating greasy, heavy foods like bacon. Limit your portion sizes at each meal. Do not take your prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach, take them after breakfast and drink a full glass of water.

Usually, heartburn does not become a serious issue until the third trimester. During this time, the baby makes it difficult for your body to digest food the way that it used to. Antacids will quickly become important to you. If your stomach does well with dairy products, small amounts of milk during the day might help as well. Also, avoid spicy and acidic foods as best you can to help prevent heartburn.

Stretch marks are a concern for most pregnant women. They are next to impossible to avoid, but you can reduce the appearance of them by using lotions, such as cocoa butter, a few times each day. Your doctor may have some recommendations on other lotions, but do not use them without talking with your doctor first. Some lotions may contain things that are not good for you or your baby.

Becoming concerned about the weight that is being gained is another big concern for a lot of women. It is necessary to gain at least twenty-five pounds on average to maintain a healthy pregnancy. If you gain a reasonable amount of weight, you will lose it after the baby is born. Try to avoid junk food, only gain the amount of weight necessary and get daily exercise.

As mentioned previously, exercise is going to help you control your weight gain. It will help you stay healthy and will help you when the time to deliver comes. The more fit you are, the easier labor and delivery will be. Ask your doctor any questions you may have about appropriate exercises for pregnancy.

You are going to have aches and pains, especially in the third trimester. Massage, warm baths and Tylenol are the best ways to soothe these aches and pains. Staying active as long into your pregnancy as possible can help as well. Chiropractors and acupuncturists have been known to alleviate many pains associated with pregnancy, too.

Worrying about whether or not you are in labor is going to happen. Knowing the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real labor is going to be important unless you want to make several early trips to Labor and Delivery. Your doctor will best be able to explain how to determine the difference between the two.

These suggestions will help you find some comfort during pregnancy. It will be a tough road for many women, but the pay off in the end makes all the memories of these worries and discomforts fade away.

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