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How You Can Deal With Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a subject all pregnant women hate hearing about. Most of these women will quickly realize that morning sickness does not just happen in the mornings. It can pop up during any time of the day: morning, noon and night. Read the article below for some additional information on this condition and some ways you can deal with it.

For most expected mothers, morning sickness starts at six weeks and improves significantly from 14 to 15 weeks. However, you still may feel a little sick for up to 20 weeks and even throughout your entire pregnancy. It varies from woman to woman, but most likely, you can expect to get sick at some point in your pregnancy because 80% of all woman do so.

Although it can be difficult to eat good while you are sick, you should try to follow as balanced of a diet as you possibly can. However, if you absolutely can’t eat completely healthy, it’s okay to just eat what you can for a little while. Just make sure that you eat healthy later on in your pregnancy so your baby receives the nutrients that he or she needs.

Having said this, it’s vital that you receive enough folic acid during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Therefore, if you’re struggling to keep food down, then make sure you take a daily multivitamin that has about 400mcg of folic acid. This will help develop your baby’s nervous system and spine. It may also be a good idea to take a vitamin D supplement so that your baby’s bones can properly develop.

There are ways you can help ease your morning sickness. One great suggestion is trying to eat smaller meals more frequently rather than just eating a few bigger meals per day. All people should abide by this rule because it is healthier, however, doing this may also help with your morning sickness.

You can also try natural remedies to help with your nausea. Ginger is a known cure for upset stomachs, and it could help with your morning sickness. However, research has not proven that ginger directly helps with morning sickness, so don’t rely on it. Acupuncture is another natural method you can use, and research has proven that for some women, it can help with morning sickness. Finally, try eating some saltine crackers. These crackers are high in starch, which help absorb stomach acid that causes nausea. As a result, your morning sickness could be decreased.

If your morning sickness is so severe that you are frequently vomiting and cannot eat or drink anything, then there is danger of you becoming dehydrated. This can be very dangerous for your baby, so make sure that you try to keep liquids down. If you cannot, then immediately call your doctor. He or she can provide you with treatments to help with your morning sickness. If these don’t work, then you should admit yourself to the hospital and use a drip to get your body the liquids and nutrients it needs.

You shouldn’t allow morning sickness to interfere with your life or worse, harm your baby. Follow the advice provided in the above article so that you’ll be better equipped to deal with the other hardships of pregnancy. Good luck!

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