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Advice On Common Issues While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in life where a woman will learn a lot about her body and experience great changes. Pregnancy is also filled with intense hormonal fluctuations, stress and an unnerving amount of questions and fears. Just a of few of these topics will be covered in the following article.

One of the greatest fears during pregnancy is the fear of ailment. Nine months is a long time to go without any illness. First, protect yourself by washing your hands as much as possible and avoiding others who are sick. If you are to contract a cold, the first thing you want to do is contact your OBGYN to confirm that it is nothing serious. The second, most sought after thing to do, is to get as much rest as possible. Drink a tea consisting of hot water, lemon and honey to sooth a sore throat and to loosen up mucus secretions.

This is a daunting task to think about, but once you find yourself in the role of raising a newborn and toddler, it will come naturally. Try to schedule at least one or two naps per day to coincide with the newborn’s naps. This will give you a bit of rest time, to do chores or just a bit of time to breathe. Things won’t always be easy, understand that there will be times when either child doesn’t cooperate, times when one child will wake the other and so on. Since you will be making twice the meals each day, try to prep breakfast, lunch and dinner ahead of time so there will be less of a scramble when demands for food are made.

Trouble with sleep is definitely going to happen during pregnancy. The inability to stop thoughts and fears from flowing and difficulty getting comfortable are to be expected. Utilize pillows and blankets to prop yourself in every way you need to get comfortable, even if it looks like you are sleeping in a strange and misguided teepee. As third trimester comes, it will be even harder to put thoughts at bay, and you will find yourself much more uncomfortable. Try to meditate with deep breathing, aroma therapy and other relaxing methods to help you drift into unconsciousness.

There are many holistic methods to taming heartburn during pregnancy such as vinegar, water, ginger, dairy and more. Also, pay attention to what you eat, it might be hard to fight the craving of a pickle drenched in hot sauce, but it is going to be even harder to fight the ensuing heartburn. Sometimes, pregnancy heartburn doesn’t go away until the baby has been born, but it doesn’t hurt to try and stop it.

Bed rest is a terrifying, daunting, boring and potentially depressing time. Keep your brain at work with a lot of good books and a new hobby (or three). Meditative crafts such as crocheting/knitting, origami and drawing can help put your mind at ease.

These tips should help if any of these issues arise during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is going to cause stress no matter what, but the steps that are taken to minimize this stress will benefit the baby. Take good care of yourself and enjoy the new world of pregnancy!

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