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Top Ten Keys For Comfort During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an unbelievably uncomfortable time in a woman’s life. It makes sense, though — the hormones that course through your body are different (and more powerful) than at any other time in your life. Your body takes on a different size and shape just about every day, and the joints and muscles need have more work to do with less energy than ever either. Even so, there are some ways to increase your comfort, even if just a bit.

Comfort Full Support PillowHere’s the key — be comfortable in the clothes that you put on. Do not put on anything that is remotely tight or form fitting. You will just regret it later on. You’ll have times in your life when you’ll have your body back, but the next few months are not one of those times. Instead, embrace the chance to wear loose clothes and look forward to your new little one.

Your bra should give you support, but should not constrict you. This might be a tough balance to find, as a result, you should be looking for bras that may be a little larger and have some more padding, so that you won’t feel like you’re in a straitjacket.

No, you should not put on those wedge heels. Instead, find shoes that are big enough for your feet and have the right shape to make you feel comfortable. Remember, you can go back to being the style diva after the baby is born. Now, it’s all about size, shape and support with your shoes.

Freezing in February? Don’t go outside unless you need to. Bundle up and add another sweater inside if you’re feeling cold, even though you’re right next to the furnace. In the summer, keep some ice water close by at all times, and don’t head out into that August heat.

Instead of suffering on your bed and making your husband miserable, just go get a body pillow. Put it on the bed and use it for some additional support. The added cushioning should help you feel better — although to say that you will have no more discomfort would be a bit misleading here.

You don’t have to keep teaching your yoga class, but the more flexibility you have, the better off you will be here. The looser your muscles are, the fewer cramps you will have.

Hydration is important — you just can’t take in too much water. Yes, you already have to go to the bathroom all the time, so why not hydrate too?

Instead of your back, try it on your side, and work in that body pillow too. You won’t be exactly comfortable, but it will beat the status quo.

Move around as much as possible. You already know that sitting or standing in one place for too long starts to really hurt after a short period of time, so don’t do it. Instead, shift around when you can. This goes back to staying flexible — muscles held in place will hurt.

These steps will not keep you pain-free in your third trimester, but they will help considerably. Keep them in mind to make for a more comfortable pregnancy.

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