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Weaning Your Baby From Breastfeeding

When your baby has stopped breastfeeding and gets all his nutrition from other sources than the breast, he’s actually considered weaned. Even though babies are also weaned from the bottle as well, the term weaning often refers to when a baby is stopped from breastfeeding. When weaning is a mother’s idea, it normally needs a … Read more

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Breastfeeding: The First Six Weeks

Breast milk is the best food you can give to your baby. Breast milk is a complete food source, containing all the nutrients your baby need – at least 400 of them to be exact, including hormones and disease fighting compounds that aren’t found in formula. The nutritional makeup in breast milk will adjust to … Read more


Smoking and Breastfeeding are Bad

Smoking and breastfeeding are bad for mom and baby, because both will suffer the ill effects of the toxins and poisons contained in cigarettes. Even though the truth about smoking has been known for many years, many women continue to smoke during pregnancy and while they are breastfeeding. In fact, some women smoke during breastfeeding. … Read more

Breastfeeding Blanket

Comfy Breastfeeding Blankets to the Rescue

A baby’s cries for milk can come at any time and breastfeeding blankets can make the whole experience a lot easier. Breastfeeding blankets are designed to be convenient and comfortable. They make baby’s access to the breasts quick, easy and discreet. Whether it is a specially designed to be thrown over the shoulder or to … Read more

Breastfeeding Nursing Area

Breastfeeding: Your Nursing Area

Once you’ve reached the third trimester, you’ll probably start stocking up on nursing bras, breast pads, and loose button down shirts for the coming months ahead. While getting ready to breast feed, you can also create your personal area, a custom designed breastfeeding area for yourself. Your nursing area should reflect your personality. If you … Read more

Avent Breast Pump

Breastfeeding: How To Use A Breast Pump

Just like breast feeding, pumping is a skill that you learn. When first trying a breast pump, most mothers are only able to express a few drops of milk. With the proper practice and knowledge, the mother will be more efficient at pumping. Preparing the breast pump Read all the instructions in the kit very … Read more

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Breastfeeding: Poor Milk Supply

Almost all women don’t have a problem with producing enough milk to breast feed. The ideal way to make sure that your baby is getting enough milk is to be sure that he’s well positioned, attached to the breast, and feed him as often as he gets hungry. Some mom’s that are breast feeding will … Read more

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Breastfeeding: How Breast Milk Is Made

If you’ve every been pregnant or if you are pregnant now, you’ve probably noticed a metamorphisis in your bra cups. The physical changes (tender, swollen breasts) may be one of the earliest clues that you have conceived. Many experts believe that the color change in the areola may also be helpful when it comes to … Read more

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Breastfeeding Sleep

Besides being the optimal source of nutrition for your baby in her first year, nursing has obvious psychological benefits for both mother and baby. At birth, infants see only 12 to 15 inches, the distance between a nursing baby and its mother’s face. Studies have found that infants as young as 1 week prefer the … Read more

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Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding can be tough for new moms and that is why many women experience breastfeeding problems. Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. It arrives during a very stressful period in a mother’s life. Shortly after the birth of a baby, a woman is faced with new challenges. She has just undergone intense physical changes to her body … Read more