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Is Breastfeeding in Public Alright?

Breastfeeding in public has been a controversial issue for many years, and yet the issue has come a long way. There was a time when women were not allowed to leave their bedroom when they were pregnant or nursing. It was called being confined.

Breastfeeding in public makes some people very uncomfortable and yet it is one of the most natural and beautiful things that a woman can do to make sure the health and vitality of her baby.

Not only does breastfeeding allow a woman to pass on essential antibodies to the baby so that he or she can fend off dangerous infections and other illnesses, it provides a baby with all the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs to grow healthy and strong. Every time a woman is breastfeeding in public, she is providing an essential service to her baby.

Every baby has a right to eat and breastfeeding in public exercises this right.

Most often, those who are against breastfeeding in public are opposed to it because it makes them feel uncomfortable. And yet, society is filled with images of naked women. In fact, society is full of images of far worse things, including extreme violence, something that should be limited.

Breastfeeding in public, on the other hand, is perfectly natural. It does no harm to the general public and it is not an offensive vision for children either. It is something that is practised by millions of women all over the world every day, and yet it is something that many women are made to feel ashamed about.

If you are concerned about the effect breastfeeding in public could have on people around you, you can try throwing a blanket over your shoulder or removing yourself to a less crowded room or area. On the other hand, some women prefer to breastfeed in public as a way to stand up for women’s rights and babies’ rights, as well.

If a woman is breastfeeding in public and she is approached by someone, who asks her to leave, then she should know that she has rights that protect her and her child from discrimination.

In this situation, a woman asked to leave because she is breastfeeding in public can exert her right to feed her child. If she wishes to take the matter further or is forced out of the public space anyway, then she has several other courses of action.

She can make a formal complaint to her regional human rights commission, write letters to the editor at the local newspaper, join breastfeeding lobby groups in her area, or write to her government.

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