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The Convenient and Necessary Breastfeeding Bra

One of the most necessary tools for a nursing mother is a good quality breastfeeding bra. This is one of the most important of the breastfeeding supplies. It makes breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient.

Each breastfeeding bra comes with a variety of helpful features that can help make breastfeeding more comfortable for mother and baby. There are many different styles of maternity, nursing or breastfeeding bras.

For many women, it is important to wear a breastfeeding bra, because the bra can reduce stretching of tissues that can result in sagging. Women with larger breasts are usually more comfortable wearing one.

Many women will prefer to be fitted for a breastfeeding bra. The breasts begin to prepare for lactation early on in the pregnancy and some women will outgrow their usual bra size earlier than others. Usually, most of the changes to the breasts have occurred by around four months gestation, which is a good time to be fitted.

A correctly fitted breastfeeding bra gives a mother comfort and support, so it is a good idea to get professional fitted, especially since it is a free service.

It is not recommended for women to wear a breastfeeding bra during pregnancy or lactation. During this time many women’s breast-shape changes drastically. The breasts increase and decrease during the day as the milk is produced and removed. The pressure of a wire in an under wire bra can block milk ducts or cause mastitis.

There are many breastfeeding bras available now, which have a more flexible plastic support, similar to having an under wire. These are designed to flex and change positions with the changing breast-shape and are less likely to cause problems.

When you’re trying on a breastfeeding bra, it is important that you try on different styles and open and close the bra cups to make sure easy of use and comfort. Look for bras where the whole cup folds away as opposed to those which have rigid trap door styles. These put pressure on a full breast during feeding.

Centre, front and shoulder clasp styles are available for breastfeeding bras.

Nursing mothers may also wear a breastfeeding bra to bed. This is a personal preference. Some women feel that they need to wear these to hold the nursing pads in place. Others believe that they are uncomfortable.

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful way for mothers to give their babies everything they need to get a healthy start in life. A good breastfeeding bra makes it is easier and more comfortable for mothers to breastfeed when they need to, discreetly and easily.

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