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Being Pregnant: The Experience

There are a few things in this world that only women will experience, and being pregnant is one of them. As with many things, you can never truly understand what it means to be pregnant unless you have done it. However, that does not mean that partners and friends who have yet to have their own families can not sympathize and share in the excitement at the same time. There are many great things you can do for someone you love when they are expecting a baby to make things much easier on them.

For one things, many women will tell you that being pregnant early on is very exciting, and often very tiring. They may also be sick for a few weeks or even a few months. Not all women go through these things, but a majority of them do. The first trimester seems to be hard on the body because of hormone changes and things going on within the body to prepare for the growing baby and giving birth. When these things happen, being pregnant seems like a mixed blessing. One of the best things anyone can do for a woman in this condition is to give her some time to herself for a nap, or to pick up a few chores so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed with her regular duties and the changes in her body that slow her down.

The second trimester might just be the easiest part of being pregnant. This is when most are confident that the pregnancy is viable, and most sickness and fatigue from hormones begins to even off and even go away. This is when spending time with a woman who is expecting can be a lot of fun. It is also time to learn exercise that goes along with being pregnant. The more exercise a woman can get, the easier her labor may be when she gives birth.

When it comes to being pregnant in the last three months, women begin to slow down some, though not as much as you might think. However, they are dealing with a different center of gravity, which can be difficult, and they may also have things like swelling and backaches as a result of the pregnancy. This is when travel may slow down, along with anything else. If you can help out with anything that may need a lot of bending, they may appreciate it, especially near the end. Remember as excited as a woman is at this stage of being pregnant, she is still fearful of labor and scared about having a new born. Its quite common. Allowing her to talk to you about her fears might be the best gift you can give.

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