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Pregnancy After Miscarriage: What You Need To Know

Few things are more devastating in a woman’s life than losing a baby mid-pregnancy. The loss will be felt forever, but there will come a time when another pregnancy is wished. Trying again can be very difficult and there are many things to consider, a few of the more important ones are addressed in the following article.

  1. Ask your doctor for complete testing. If you don’t know what caused your miscarriage, have your physician run tests. A number of genetic predispositions can lead to losing a baby, and you have a right to know, not just for some peace of mind, but to increase your chances of success this time. It can be frightening, however, the information you gather from the process can help you to choose a different course of action that will be healthier for the baby and you.
  2. Make sure you are ready. Miscarriages are a great source of trauma for women and couples, they may rush to conceive again, simply to fill the void created by the loss. Talk things over, give yourselves time and make sure you are mentally and physically ready to try again. Counseling may help you and your partner to overcome the past and prepare for a better outcome in the future.
  3. Keep up a healthy lifestyle. All pregnant women need to take good care of themselves, but those who have miscarried need to be extra careful. Eating healthy natural foods will keep strength up and your body operating at full capacity. Also, make sure to manage stress properly with positive activities like yoga, meditation or just relaxing with a good book or movie.
  4. Have an OBGYN you trust. Although all doctors are trained medical professionals, some of them just seem more empathetic and conducive to certain situations, pregnancy being one of them. Especially if you still have many questions surrounding your miscarriage, a new OBGYN will probably be more suitable. You can also ask office staff as you search for a replacement if the doctor has significant experience with women who have suffered miscarriages. Trust and confidence in your physician is extremely important, and you deserve to feel at ease.
  5. Find a good support system. Women in general, especially if pregnant and most certainly if they have gone through the loss of miscarriage, need a really strong network of support and help. Call upon friends and family as you need them, without holding back for anything. You might look into a group set up to address the heartaches associated with miscarriage for even more help. Either way, don’t let pride, fear or guilt stop you from getting all the help you need now. It’s not an uncommon thing to miscarry and many people find reaching out the best way of overcoming.

Hopefully you have found this article to be informative and enlightening. Dealing with miscarriage is a terrible ordeal and becoming pregnant once more will mean the world. Take special care during this time and learn to look forward once more.

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