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Helpful Advice For A First Time Pregnancy

Expecting your first child is unlike any other experience, the joy, wonder and apprehension of everything is simply overwhelming. Learning all that you can about pregnancy and your individual circumstances is vital to the health of you and the little one you are carrying. Read on for some valuable tips on getting through your first pregnancy.

1. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. No matter how busy your schedule might be or how badly you feel the need to clean the house and tend to normal tasks, you must listen to your body when it tells you to slow down. Get plenty of quiet time, naps and as much resting or break time as you need.

2. Try crackers for morning sickness. Some women just can’t cure their nausea, but for those who can, nibbling saltine crackers is one of the few things that work. Keep a package by your bedside and eat one slowly just after you wake up. Avoid strong smells if you can, as they will aggravate your symptoms of nausea.

3. Eat well. It’s a good idea to eat smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to a few big ones. Watch everything you eat with TLC and follow any advice of your physician, especially when it comes to weight management. Although it’s okay to give into cravings sometimes, you need to make sure you don’t over do it and leave plenty of room in your appetite for fresh fruits and veggies and other healthy menu items.

4. Take your prenatal vitamins as prescribed. It may sound like an old wives tale, but vitamins are crucial to a pregnant woman and the developing fetus. Things like folic acid are needed and not easily consumed in necessary quantities through a regular diet. The typical prenatal vitamin has everything the two of you will need so don’t forget it, not even for a single day and be sure to follow any accompanying orders from your doctor.

5. Stay active. Unless you have been told by your physician to limit physical activity, keep on exercising. It’s good for both you and the little one, and can help manage excess weight gain as well as stress. Get at least one walk in every day and enjoy activity in water if at all possible. Water provides an exceptional environment for pregnant women to work out in, with no strain put on the body.

6. Minimize stress. Much easier said than done, but you really need to avoid the toll stress can take on your body now. Try to limit the anxiety you have to face on a daily basis to pregnancy only info, everything else becomes far less important and nobody should be bothering you at this time. Although some sources of stress can’t be completely shut-out, do what you can to manage stress, like practicing yoga, enjoying a warm bath, aroma therapy and listening to music.

Although the experience of a first-time pregnancy is truly amazing, it can be riddled with fear and anxiety, worrying about every little thing going on with your body and baby are commonplace. Use the tips outlined above, along with the advice of your doctor to take all the special care of yourself that you need to now and truly enjoy the time of your first pregnancy.

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