nutrition during pregnancy

Your Baby Is What You Eat

Getting the right nutrition during pregnancy is good for both you and your baby. This has been known for a very long time, but the vitamins and nutrients that are most important have not been. In fact, scientists are still learning about what it takes to make a baby. With that said, it is important … Read more

first trimester

Your First Three Months of Pregnancy

When you have just gotten pregnant and you want to know more about what is happening with your pregnancy, it is important that you think very carefully about your very first trimester. Your first trimester is the beginning of the great journey, and while every woman has a pregnancy that is truly her own, there … Read more

know pregnant

What You Must Know About Being Pregnant

Even though women have had babies for centuries, many people do not know very much about the things that happen when they are pregnant. If you are having your first baby you likely have countless questions, and if so, you are not the only one. If you are looking for as much information about being … Read more

Pregnancy Belly Line

What You Can Expect During Your Pregnancy

Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, you will likely experience things that you have never experienced before. Even women that have had a baby before experience something that they did not during a previous pregnancy. If you want to know about what you might experience before it occurs, or want to see if … Read more

Dads During Pregnancy

What Should Dads Do During Pregnancy?

Many times, people focus on what the mothers need to do during pregnancy. The dads seem to get left out of the conversation. There are things that they can do to make this a better time for the mother and that can make them feel included during this wonderful time. Here are some great ways … Read more

Pregnancy and Dads

What Expectant Dads Need To Know During Pregnancy

A common problem for expectant dads is a feeling of uselessness. You may think your wife is handling the experience alone and there’s nothing you can do, however, nothing could be further from the truth. As an expectant dad, there’s a lot you can do to help with and ease the process. Read on for … Read more

Signs of Labor

What Are The Signs Of Labor?

There is no way to ever know exactly when you are going to go into labor. That is why it is so important to know the signs that you are in true labor. Below, you will find a guide that will help you in judging whether or not you are in labor. As your due … Read more

Pregnancy Bed Rest

Utilize These Helpful Tips During Pregnancy

You are trying to get pregnant, or you’ve found out your pregnant. This is a very exciting time for you, and you’re going to be just fine. You need as much help as you can find as well, and it’s all out there. Do everything you can to take care of your body, and utilize … Read more

Pregnancy Discomfort

How To Handle Your Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy is one of the most precious of life’s events, and it can also be very trying for women. You want to do as much as possible to make things easier on yourself. While there is much to consider, and some things are out of your control, you want to have your game face on. … Read more

Pregnancy Nutrients

Ten Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you want to make sure you stay as healthy as possible. This is not just for yourself, but primarily for the baby you’re bringing into the world. You must take the responsibility of providing your baby with the right nutrients and balance. Consider the following ten tips for a healthy pregnancy. One … Read more